Singer 7258 100-Stitch Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258 100-Stitch

Singer 7258 Sewing Machine


  • Speed: 750 spm
  • Stitches: 100
  • Weight: 19.2 lbs
  • Needle threading: Automatic
  • Warranty: 25-years limited

This inexpensive sewing machine is very versatile and beautiful, capable of handling clothing and other fabric-based products alike with absolute ease.

The Singer 7258 100-Stitch Sewing Machine Review comes with 100 different kinds of stitches for one to experiment, play, and customize their fabric with.

It has built-in features of automatic needle threading, easy to load top drop-in bobbin system, which also has a clear cover, and a bright LED light for a properly illuminated workspace and less strain on eyes.

Singer 7258 100-Stitch Sewing Machine Review

Additionally, its six built-in one-step buttonholes give the sewist a lot more options to choose from.

A programmable needle up and down feature allows the seamstress to applique, quilt, and pivot the fabric according to their wish.

Singer 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

This machine comes with buttons to manually select the kind of stitch one wants and makes the customization and execution very easy.

The accessories come at large with a purpose foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, blind hem foot, satin stitch foot, darning foot, quarter-inch foot, gathering foot, embroidery foot, and so much more.

Along with this, there is a seam ripper, a lint brush, a darning plate, spool pin, spool pin felt disks, small, medium, and large thread spool caps, bobbins, pins, needles, etc.

Singer 7258 100-Stitch Sewing Machine Review

On top of all of this, the Singer 7258 100-Stitch Sewing Machine Review has a 25-year warranty too.

This is overwhelming, considering the entire package costs one around the price range of $200.

But it is surely an inexpensive sewing machine when we look at what it offers.


•Machine has all in one functionality.

•It has switches to select stitch type manually.

•The inexpensive sewing machine is loaded with accessories.


•The initial setup might be hard.

Sewing machine fact: The first mechanical sewing machine was made in France by tailor Barthélemy Thimmonier in 1830.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we possess the most information one can maintain about inexpensive sewing machines in the market let us further clear our doubts through some frequently asked questions!

Q. What to do when my machine skips stitches?

  1. This usually happens when your needle gets blunt. So try changing your needle, that should do the trick if your machine is already well functioning.

Q. Why is my sewing machine making loose stitches?

  1. This may be because the tension in your machine is too low, try reading the manual and making necessary adjustments.

Q. How often should I clean and oil my sewing machine?

  1. It generally depends on how heavily you use the machine. At least once every four months is ideal.

Q. How often should I get servicing done for my machine?

  1. This, too, depends on how heavily you use the machine. But ideally twice a year, and if your device doesn’t feel right, get it checked without a doubt.

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