Singer 01664 Handheld Mending Machine Review

The Singer 01664 Handheld Mending Machine has a unique feature, like most Singer products. It has a pressure adjusting roll, that you can use to adjust the stitching pattern thread tightness.

Singer 01664


  • Unique features
  • Compatible for small alterations

It is portable, and really easy-to-use. Buying Singer 01664 can be the first step in teaching children how to stitch.

If you’re someone who’s making a lot of small alterations to their creations, this is a great buy for you.

Singer 01664 Handheld Mending Machine

Alternatively, this is great for people that need a lot of small repairs done at home.

Pros and Cons of Singer 01664 Handheld Mending Machine:


  • 2-thread
  • No cord
  • 2 ways of speed control
  • Automatic winding function
  • Comes with accessories
  • Easy to follow manual
  • Durable
  • Works with many materials


  • Jams frequently
  • Lacks consistency

Factors deciding a good Handheld Sewing Machine:

  1. Need: Take a look at the kind sewing you’re going to be doing. If you’re only hemming pants, fixing seams, and adjusting dresses a little, a handheld sewing machine might be good for you. They are not meant for large projects and generally cannot handle tougher materials.
  2. Weight: Singer 01664 Handheld Mending Machine is meant to be light. Make sure the device is lightweight. This allows you to carry it around comfortably and handle it with ease as well. A comfortable weight helps you have a better grip and better precision. 
  3. Reviews: Reviews are your best friend. These are people that have used the product and have an idea of what is good about it. Reading through reviews allows you to gauge the product better.
  4. Reliability: However nice a product looks, it is not advisable to buy it if it does not seem reliable. You can tell if a product is going to be reliable by reading through reviews, checking the reputation of the brand, and looking at the specifications of the product.
  5. Versatility: The main advantage of handheld sewing machines is their versatility. A versatile machine is going to give you your money’s worth. Look for a machine that can handle a lot of different materials and is portable.

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