Singer 01663 Portable Handheld Sewing Machine Review

Singer is a brand that is revered for its great quality sewing machines. This extends to its Singer 01663 Portable Handheld Sewing Machine as well! Like most of its products, this machine is handy and sturdy.

Singer 01663

Singer 01663 Portable Handheld Sewing Machine


  • Portable
  • Compatible with lightweight materials
  • Single-thread feed installment

It works best on lightweight materials and is for quick repairs rather than larger projects. It has a single-thread feed and works on batteries. The device also comes as a kit with thread, bobbins, needles, thread, and a spindle.

This is a machine that is going to last you. While it may not be able to support a lot of materials, it will be useful for those that have minimal corrections to make daily.

Singer 01663 Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

This is also for the person that wants to make a one-time investment. For its price, it definitely offers a lot.


  • Works great for lightweight materials
  • Completely cordless
  • Sturdy and longlasting
  • Comes as a kit


  • Not all-purpose
  • No included batteries
  • Stitches don’t live up to the reputation of Singer.

Who is this best for?

Handheld sewing machines are great for anybody from fashion designers to college students. They’re a great way to do simple repairs as well as arts and crafts with your child!

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Final Words:

After you buy Singer 01663 Portable Handheld Sewing Machine, you’ll find yourself not being able to live without it. It’s a handy device that makes small repairs so easy. You’ll no longer be throwing out old clothes, curtains, or dolls because they’re torn. The machine can quickly and efficiently fix the issue, without any hassle. You’ll be saving money and time with this little device in your hands. Whether you’re buying the Velmaz Handheld Sewing Machine or the MSDADA Electric Sewing Machine, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one before!

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