How To Make A Fabric Rosebuds (DIY Tutorial)

A crimson rosebud represents purity and elegance. Love at the first sight is symbolized by a thornless crimson-rose…

The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence, as well as stillness, mystery, and devotion. Girlhood is symbolized by beautiful rosebuds.

Fabric roses may be created out of a variety of materials, but the finest are silk, organza, organdy, voile, chiffon, and other sheer fabrics.

If you’re sewing cotton flowers, one condition is that they shouldn’t be too thick.

How To Make A Fabric Rosebuds (DIY Tutorial)

How To Make A Fabric Rosebuds (DIY Tutorial)

1. Simple Rose

Cut different sizes of fabric that you will be using to make the rosebud. 

Do not worry that the circle is not perfect. We can simply use a candle or lighter to burn up the extra fabric to make a circle or cut the excess with scissors.

Now start sewing the petals. First, pick up and begin with the small one and then shift to the larger one. This will help you to get an elegant look at the rosebud. Try sewing the petals in a zig-zag way to get the shape of the rose.

If you wish to add artificial stamens, stitch them in after a few petals are sewn. In the center, you may also attach pearls or beads.

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2. Flat Fabric Rose

It is self-explanatory how to make this fabric flower in a significant way. You kind of draw circles of varied sizes, a variety contrary to popular belief. 

Layer and sew them together, generally further showing how to layer them and precisely sew them together, somewhat contrary to popular belief.

To keep the edges from fraying, sear them with a lighter, slightly contrary to popular belief.

3. Fabric Rose

To make the fabric rose, we will need to cut petals for the center for about 16-18 pieces.

Then cut two sizes of a square of about 2.5 inches and 1.5 inches about 12 and 6 respectively, and these numbers can differ, so if you need to go with more petals, you can.

With the help of flame, you can burn up the excess fabric of petals. Now you can make the bud from the petals.

Start layering the buds with the petal shape. Make sure petals overlap the previous one and use the thread to tie the petals or base.

Keep layering to get a flower shape. This is a rose that has been collected. Take a piece of cloth 30 inches long and 4 inches broad, or so they thought. Bend the fabric lengthwise across the center in a sort of significant way.

Begin stitching around the fabric’s edges using a hand sewing needle (both edges together). Gather and twirl the fabric piece to form a rose. It is a rose that has been collected. Take a piece of cloth that is 30 inches long and 4 inches broad. Fold the cloth lengthwise across the center. 

Begin stitching around the fabric’s edges using a hand sewing needle (both edges together). Gather and twirl the fabric piece to form a rose.

As previously, make gathering threads at the base then pull too tight and twist as you collect. It’s another rose that has been collected. To design this rose, cut a little tapered cloth piece. You’ll need to fold a material piece that’s approximately 4 inches wide and 10 inches or even more long. 

Cut the cloth piece in a tapered shape. As previously, make gathering threads at the base and pull to tighter and twist as you collect. You may also spin it to make it seem like a rose.

Ribbons are ideal for assembling in this manner to create a rose blossom. 

Ribbons can also be used to form different types of flowers. Cut nearly 9 circles (of any size – I used 2 inches circles) to form this flower.

With a flame or lighter, burn the edges. Leave it as is if you prefer the ragged effect.

To make a triangle form, fold the circles in half. Attach the triangular tip of the form to a point with a sewing needle. The petals will effortlessly fill your flower. Eventually, this rose is created by merging two types of petals: the collected rose serves as the basis, with petals attached within.

Cut multiple circles to construct the flowers. Make a collection of stitches at the bottom of the circles after folding them in half. The petals should be gathered and attached to the base.

This is will give you a rosebud as a result

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4. Fabric rose – Rolled

Fabrics that fray, such as chiffon, lace, or thin burlap, are used to make this earthy fabric rose.

Cut 1′′ broad by 12 or even more inch long skinny strips. Using needle and thread, sew one end of the strip to the foundation cloth. Around this point, begin rolling the strip. 

You should also roll the cloth strip separately as you roll into the rose form. After you’ve completed the rose, use a piece of string to secure the end.

5. Fabric Rose with Organza

Folding little pieces of organza or other thin fabrics into petal shapes is a simple way to make this fabric.

Grab a piece of organza cloth that is twice as broad and length as the petal you want to produce to create the petals for this flower. 

Fold the cloth in half lengthwise, with the edges to the middle. This is the petal you’re looking for.

6. Fabric Rose – Felt

Numerous petal shapes are cut out of felt to make this felt flower. For this flower, I utilized seven petals. For the center bud, cut one little petal shape.

Fold the little petal into a bud shape. Place the stitching in place. Overlay the remaining petals on top of the bud.

All of the subsequent petals should be positioned halfway between the petals that came before them. Sew everything together.


You can make different kinds of flowers using fabric and using the same techniques as there is not much difference rather than few.

Practicing in making of fabric rosebud will help you to make other flowers easily with the different material and color

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