How To Wind A Bobbin On Your Sewing Machine?

Bobbin in sewing machines is the most important of tools because it is regarded as the device’s soul and is responsible for offering precise stitches.

The sewers make sewing an easy job when they know their way around a bobbin and adjust its pool and thread accordingly.

Bobbins come in various aesthetical sizes, and you will have to know every part of the machine to work well with it, mostly the loading and winding of a bobbin.

It is crucial for stitching precisely and saving time before the act. Therefore, today we are going to be taking a look at.

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How To Wind A Bobbin

The winding is an essential part of sewing as it sits at the bottom of the machine(depending on the type of sewing machine) and stitches the fabric.

Winding is a relatively straightforward process even if you’re a beginner; all you need to make sure is that the threading rolled onto the spool is even.

  1. First, you need to put your thread spool onto the thread holder of the machine. Makes sure that the thread’s tension is just the right amount; too tight it may break, and too loose will separate the thread from the spool.
  2. Wind the thread with the tension winder present on the machine’s top and pass the thread’s end through the bobbin’s left hole.
  3. Hold the thread firmly(a little access should be there so you can hold it into place during the winding), put the bobbin in the pin, and lock it into the mechanism.
  4. Run the machine until the bobbin reaches your desired amount; the machine stops when it gets full.
  5. Unlock the mechanism by sliding it to the left, pull the bobbin out of the pin and cut out the access thread(that we used for grip).
  6. Your bobbin is ready for use!

How To Load A Bobbin

The bobbin loading ensures that the machine’s precision is utilized, and it is easy to do as long as you follow these given instructions.

  1. Firstly determine the type of bobbin inserting tab your sewing machines have; many devices have it onto the bottom and some on the top. After that, prop your machine in a comfortable position.
  2. Heighten the needle; doing it will help you reach the bobbin case.
  3. Get a hold of the cover where the bobbin case is located and remove it. Discard the previous spool located inside the bobbin case container.
  4. Take the wound up bobbin, extend the thread and place it inside the bobbin container, in a tiny slit (you will know when you see it) and then fit the bobbin inside the case.
  5. Take the protruding thread from the bobbin, unwind it a little and then pass it through the bottom of the presser foot.
  6. The final step is to close the bobbin case cover and then finally place it inside the place where the case fits. Make sure to double-check the bobbin and the thread, and it is wound up tightly, loose fittings will impact the stitching.
  7. Your bobbin pin is loaded, and you are ready to go!


There are many things to keep in mind while trying to wind up and load bobbins. Make sure always to be concise and do each of the steps carefully; please do not ever rush it; it will only confuse you and make things worse.

There are many other ways, but the steps mentioned here are the easiest to understand and perform. We hope you got to know more about knowing how to load and wind a bobbin pin. Experiment and do what suits you the best.

Happy sewing with 🙂

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