Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine Review [Updated 2023]

Brother SE625

Brother SE625 Embroidery Sewing Machine


  • 280 Embroidery designs and 103 built-in stitches
  • 4″ x 4″ Maximum embroidery area
  • 7 Included accessory feet

Who does not like a bit extra? This Brother SE625 Embroidery machine review gives you a little bit extra of everything. It comes with more colors and a large LCD touchscreen display to view your designs in full-color view.

It offers more fonts, a larger space to work on, and more creative sewing features. The LCD screen allows you to preview your design edits even before you start stitching, saving you from many troubles and mistakes.

The Brother SE625 is the easiest machine to work with; you can make the most difficult alterations in your design, like placing lettering in an arc or moving your design, simply by using your fingertip on the touchscreen display. 

Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine Review

It has 280 designs in total, 80 built designs, and 200 designs are included on a CD that they provide; you can import your choice of designs through a USB port.

The machine also has 103 versatile built-in stitches, a speed control system, and a drop feed for free-motion sewing.

The workspace is the most convenient system of the machine because it allows more room to work comfortably.

Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine Review

It includes seven quick-change sewing feet, buttonhole, zipper, monogramming, overcasting, button sewing feet, and blind stitch.

This Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine Review is best suited for those who wish to work on their craft and is completely user-friendly. 


  • It has a large 6.4 in W * 4.1 in H, needle-to-arm workspace. 
  • The drag and drop system of the machine lets you move your design around as you please.
  •  It has an expanded design editing feature; you can alter your designs there, even if it is to change individual thread colors.


  • The hoop size is not good enough for those who like working in larger designs.

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An embroidery machine uses similar concepts as a regular sewing machine; however, it makes a lot of difference in the splendid patterns that it quilts on fabric.

This machine type makes it easier to stitch embroidered patterns, allowing your regular piece of fabric to look more beautiful. Embroidered work is complicated, but having the best machine can make it easier for you.

It is what you need to start your business and grow as an entrepreneur.

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